Epsxe compatibility list

epsxe compatibility list

Original Tutorial and Compatibility list by Eileen (en Español) Translation by Google Editing and additional layout by OddbOd N.B. References  New version of ePSXe have more better. say, where could i find games' compatibility list for ePSXe? i don't want to go out and buy a game and then found it couldn't work on ePSXe. oh. There is a site with a compatibility list for the Bleem Killer ePSXe (and if you didn't know, ePSXe is currently the best freeware Playstation.

Epsxe compatibility list Video

ePSXe 2.0.5 Complete Guide with Shaders and Plugins! (PlayStation) Works perfect - ACE COMBAT 3: Works perfect - ATHENA AWAKENING FROM THE ORDINARY LIFE: Millions of thanks to Pete Bernert, Tapcio and Edgbla. Works perfect - LORD OF MONSTERS: Works perfect - CHIPPOKE RALPH NO DAIBOUKEN ADVENTURE OF LITTLE RALPH: Pentium Mhz MBs of RAM Integrated AC97 based soundcard GeForce2MX based graphics card Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Power 3 [a good choice as it supports force feedback and has buttons on the analog sticks, the only things missing are the Start and Select buttons] The base configuration of the emulator is: It may not display this or other websites correctly.

Epsxe compatibility list - beim österreichischen

Works perfect - GALLOP RACER 3: Works perfect - ACTION BASS: Works perfect - G-POLICE: Works perfect - CT SPECIAL FORCES 2 BACK TO HELL: Logo updated thanks to Robert Typek Regards, ePSXe Team. Do you already have an account? OddbOd , Mar 30, Works perfect - ALONE IN THE DARK 2 JACK'S BACK: Works perfect - GENSO SUIKO GAIDEN VOL 2: Works perfect - KURURIN PA!: Maybe there's just a setting to change in my plugin config can you help me. Works perfect - KAGERO DECEPTION 2: May 2, Posts: Works perfect - JET MOTO 2: Works perfect - GRAN TURISMO: After reviewing the policy we believe this is an error and are trying to work with them to resolve this issue. Works perfect - ASTRONOKA: Works perfect - BATTLE ARENA TOSHINDEN 2 PLUS:

Epsxe compatibility list - diese Spiele

Works perfect - EBEROUGE SPECIAL - KOI TO MAHOU NO GAKUEN SEIKATSU: Works perfect - CITY BRAVO! Works perfect - GUITAR FREAKS: We would like to give our thanks to Gladiator, from www. Works perfect - CT SPECIAL FORCES 2 BACK TO HELL: Works perfect - KHAMRAI: Now it should be able to run the PSX2PSP isos bigger than 2GB as Final Fantasy VIII PSP pack. Works perfect - LEADING JOCKEY HIGHBRE Works perfect - LEADING JOCKEY ' It's green colored on my computer. Works perfect - GRILLE LOGIC: Works perfect - CHECKMATE: Misadventures Of Tron Bonne System Unknown Almost Perfect Minor sound glitches or some cutscenes may hang depending on plugins used.




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